Ultradrain - UDP130

The Maestro of the Ultra Drain range, the product for any architect or specifier to recommend with 100% confidence knowing that many years or research and development has gone into this product.

Developed and designed to be used where robustness is required, yet easily maintain’s a very high visual design appearance. With a large water flow rating of 875 L/M, this has become our most sought after product.

Ideally suited for use in high quality residential and commercial projects, This product comes with a 25 micron 5mm alloy top and is available in two different high quality pattern finishes: Linear and Honeycomb

Ultradrain is designed here in New Zealand.


Our options for your Ultradrain UDP130

High Performance Modular Linear Drainage

Available Finishes

  • Horizontal
  • Honeycomb

Parts & Fittings

Available Accessories

  • End Outlet
  • Bottom Outlet
  • Right Angle Corner
  • End Cap
  • Joiner
  • Side Outlet
  • Construction Cover

Product is designed for DWV Pipe Sizing. 


Waterflow: 875L/M

Open End Discharge 0.5 Fall to Cesspit

Vehicle Rating: 1000kg per inflated tire


  • Channel has a inbuilt 6 degree fall, to eliminate pooling
  • Honeycomb grate option, specifically design for leafy areas
  • Alloy top is now a compression fit, to help with structural integrity
  • Simply use PVC Solvent Cement for any joins 
  • Pre-made right angle corners available
  • Can also be used for ducting and other commercial purposes, such as airflow for indoor pools.

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