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HIDE inlay lids are the perfect choice for your new landscape project or pool installation! Purchasing a HIDE lid is simple with our kit-based range and, once installed, a HIDE lid is super simple to use and maintain.

Features & Benefits

HIDE lids can be fitted with most types of landscaping materials, including concrete, timber decking, stone pavers and tiles as thin as 10mm. Depending on where the HIDE product is to be installed, it may run across two different types of landscaping materials. Similarly, it may need to be inserted where grout lines are present, or fitted with an intricate tile pattern.

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What you get with a HIDE kit!

Inlay Lid

Constructed from marine grade, 316 stainless steel. Fully welded corners to maintain lid rigidity and resist twisting. All internal corners have a minimum radius to allow for close tolerance fitting of inlay materials.

The Inlay Lid is fitted with the inlay materials chosen for the landscaping project eg tile, paver, decking, concrete etc. It provides a seamless, flush finish in your landscaped area. It also protects the inlay materials from chipping or breakages when the lid is opened or closed

Edge Protector

Constructed from marine grade, 316 stainless steel. Fully welded corners to ensure strength and a seamless appearance. The key way design is cleverly hidden at the edge of the lid to reduce the visual impact of the keyhole.

A frame which sits on the outside of the Inlay Lid. The Edge Protector is designed to protect the coping/surrounds immediately adjacent to the lid. It ensures the surrounds are not chipped or broken when the lid is opened or closed. It also provides for adequate drainage, preventing staining and leaching from water damage.

Hide Safety Key

Ergonomically designed, precision made key constructed from high-strength stainless steel.

A tool to enable the installed HIDE lid to be safely and easily removed from its recess, providing access to the contents within.

DO NOT LEAVE THE SAFTEY KEY IN THE HIDE LID! ALWAYS store the HIDE Safety Key out of reach of children, in a secure, childproof location. Return to safe storage immediately after use.


To be inserted into a caulking gun.

A specially formulated adhesive for use when assembling the inlay lid. It can be used to glue the inlay tray (and height adjuster, if required) to the inlay materials.

Height Adjuster

An acrylic sheet which provides 2mm of extra height. It is only required if the chosen inlay material is too thin to provide a flush finish when fitted inside the inlay lid.

Depending on the HIDE product chosen, your kit may contain one or multiple Height Adjusters.

Note: the HIDE concrete does not contain a Height Adjuster.

Info Pack

A information pack enclosed in a plastic sleeve.

This pack contains the Home Owners Manual and Warranty. It should be passed to the home owner after the HIDE is installed.

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