About Ultra Drain Plus

Ultra Drain was founded in late 2005, with 4x stylish profiles (UDP45, UDP75, UDP100 & UDP130) and a variety of accessories across their range. The Ultra Drain Plus is becoming a leading product in the channel drain market here in NZ and World-wide.

The Ultra Drain core fluted drain base has revolutionized the traditional ways of manufacturing drain bases and with the smooth contours allows for the water to move smoothly and quickly to the point of discharge. With the Ultra Drain walling and base made out of virgin PVC material, not recycled, it makes the drain base more rigid and stable ensuring that only a quality product is being supplied to the customer.

Their marine grade anodized aluminum grating has been a huge breakthrough from the conventional type of drain tops that were available like plastic and stainless steel. A sophisticated design using a state of the art concept and a combination of choosing the correct green material has allowed Ultra Drain to evolve over the past years . This makes the alloy grating unique and much superior to other drain tops on the market. It has numerous benefits to offer with its low weight, high strength, superior malleability and excellent corrosion resistance.

Ultra Drain is engineered to a level that it can be easily connected with its unique range of fittings that are readily available for all our standard sizes of Ultra Drain. Standard PVC plumbing fittings are used which makes the Ultra Drain a user friendly product and is connected by using PVC solvent cement readily available from any DIY store around the world.

Benefits of Ultra Drain Plus

  • Water Flow ratings from 330 L/M to 875 L/M
  • Marine Grade Anodized Alloy Grate Tops
  • In-built 6 degree channel fall
  • All PVC components made from Virgin PVC, 100% Recyclable
  • Produced in 2m lengths, 1x or 2x piece packs available
  • Trafficable for light vehicles, perfect for driveway use
  • Linear or Honeycomb Grate Top Options 
  • All parts and fittings made to fit DWV pipe dimensions
  • Grate top can be powder coated various Dulux colour options

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