Stone Sealers

We have over 30 years experience dealing with natural stone sealers, we have handpicked our range to suit all situations and environments here locally within New Zealand

Our 3x primary sealers below:

1/ Pristine Sealer

2/ Clearseal  (Pre-Sealer)

3/ Consolidate Sealer (Salt-Chlorinated Pools)


Our options for your Stone Sealers

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Clearseal Pre-Sealer

CLEARSEAL is an easy to use, single coat water-based sealer, designed to repel water on most masonry
surfaces. It will assist in the prevention of moss & mould build-up and is an excellent pre-seal or pre-grout
treatment for very porous surfaces such as Sandstone and Terracotta.

Pristine Sealer

Pristine Natural Sealer is a state of the art solvent based penetrating sealer. It contains a carefully selected blend of solvents and resins which are renowned for durability. These resins are deposited in the capillaries of porous surfaces - leaving a barrier against water and oil-borne contaminants, with minimal change to the natural appearance of the surface. Pristine is ideal for terracotta and other hard to keep clean porous surfaces.

Consolidate Sealer

Consolidate Stone Sealer is a state of the art protective sealer designed for porous surfaces such as sandstone and concrete. CONSOLIDATE is an invisible, breathable and penetrating sealer. It penetrates into the pores to react with the substrate and become part of the structure - rendering the surface water repellent. The treatment is specifically designed to protect against water and salt damage. The sealer densifies and strengthens the substrate - increasing hardness and consolidating friable surfaces.

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With over 30+ years of experience supplying the New Zealand and Australasian markets with natural stone products. Our knowledge and product supply is second to none. We will help you create the perfect result, whether your project is big or small. 

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