Ezarri - Joint Point System

This is a technologically advanced system that has been designed solely by Ezarri and that guarantees perfect and uniform mosaic installation.


  • Maximum Grip Surface:  92% of the mosaic’s surface is free for applying the adhesive. Durability guarantee.
  • Ease of Installation: 25% time saving compared with the paper-based paneling system
  • Excellent Finishes: Thanks to the ease of installation and visual control for the placement. 25mm and 50mm options available to suit your project
  • Not Affected by Moisture: Does not expand or contract, or have odd tiles fall off overtime like mesh or paper-based mosaic systems. 
  • Exclusive JointPoint Adhesive formula: Provides the perfect combination of malleability and stiffness. It’s also flexible and easy to cut. Uniformed and controllable to the installer.

How to Install The Ezarri Mosaic

For optimal mosaic installation, Ezarri recommends that you follow the described steps in this installation tutorial below:

Enviromental Certificates

Ezarri is a company that is fully aware of the importance of environmental care and sustainable development

One hundred percent of the glass that we use as raw material is recycled glass.

We hold the ISO 14021 Product Environmental Certification, which guarantees that Ezarri has implemented a control system to ensure that 100% of the glass used is recycled and that at least 96% of Ezarri mosaics are made from recycled glass raw materials, with the remaining 4% being colouring and JointPoint® components.

We also hold the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification, which recognises the maturity and efficiency of our environmental management system.

Ezarri is also a company associated with the Green Building Council.