About Hydramatic Vinyl Pool Covers

Aquamatic Cover Ssytems have invested 45 years in pursuit of what matters, Quality. We care about the reliability and performance of any SSL cover systems and how it will fulfill the client’s needs for the long haul. Hydramatics patented dual-motor hydraulic design has no equal when it comes to reliability.


Unique all-fluid drive is elegant in it’s simplicity, yet very robust. One motor opens the cover and one motor closes it. The direction is controlled by a turning key which activates a valve to send the hydraulic fluid to the corresponding motors. The patented pressure relief valves eliminate the need for electrical sensors or other electrical devices by the pool. The Hydramatic drive is a closed loop system meaning that inadvertent flooding of the cover recess does not mean an expensive electric motor replacement as used in other systems. Therefore also creating greater safety to your pool area. 


Hydraulic systems are widely used in heavy equipment and machinery. This system eliminates mechanical linkage and clutches to channel the pool cover system, yet has the full range of safety and convenience of hydraulic system features.

Benefits of a Vinyl Cover

  • Acts as a “horizontal fence”, primary function as a stand alone barrier for your pool. 
  • Eliminate evaporation of water and pool chemicals
  • Keeps your pool clean, warm and debris free
  • Fully automated hydraulic system, no need for electricity near your pool
  • Cover itself will act as a solar collector and passively heat your pool through radiant transfer
  • Built in rainwater removal feature on most vinyl covers
  • Varying ways of install and cover colours

In-Wall & Under Tracks Installation

In-wall tracking is ideal for any indoor or outdoor installation. Teh track receptor is installed on the top of the bond beam during the pool construction prior to the coping installation. Coping or other masonry materials are placed directly on top of the track receptor. Other option is to place the track receptor on the underside of the coping overhang/.

Top Tracks Installation

One of the most viable automated options for rounded or kidney bean shaped pools, tracks are mounted to the surface of the paving, coping or decking and run parallel to the pool.

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