CMP Porcelain - Italian Collection

CMP Porcelain brings you our Italian Collection. Natural, like the stones that have written the history of architecture. Sourced from Italy this ranges brings it’stunning structural and aesthetic protection of porcelain tile and coping.

The privilege of an innovative collection able to tackle the imperfections and excesses of natural materials; each slab has a story to tell, part designer, part practical solution. 
The pursuit of technical perfection, smooth colours, authentic, profound nuances, veining details and inclusions: each slab is unique, perfectly in tune with the most innovative trends in urban and residential furnishings. Making this range the perfect choice for your home or project.


Why Choose CMP Italian Tiles

  • R11 to R13 Slip Rated for outdoor areas
  • 20mm Structural Tile
  • Matching Copings & Step Treads Available
  • V2 Shade Variations
  • 12-16 Tile Patterns
  • Frost Resistant
  • Suitable for Deck Pedestal Systems
  • Layable on Dry-System Installations (Gap7 or Scoria)
  • Suitable for Concrete Pads
  • Italian Quality & Design 

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